Bio: The Interstate Kingz duo consists of two versatile solo artists. Dy-verse & D. Croc. The two have been friends for almost a decade. Starting out partying and hanging out together throughout northern Virginia. They have had a musical relationship since 2008. Dyverse as the CEO of Dyfor Ent recruited his now counterpart D. Croc to join the label. They have been making hit songs together ever since. Croc was even dubbed "The Hitman" due to his aggressive style and hardcore lyrics. Dy-Verse making the beats and D. Croc killing them. They have always had a certain harmony when working together that only built their friendship and love for the music. They work together like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. As the situation changed at DyFor Ent, so did the environment. The Hitman(D. Croc) just played his position and rode it out. Croc wasn't feeling his situation changing, and was considering hanging up his microphone. Just didnt see any real success from his work. Finally, as the two friends stayed in contact, another opportunity presented itself at another label, D.U.C(Dat Urban Connect)brought to him by Dy-Verse. The two discussed the situation and saw nothing but success from it. The friends continued on their solo paths, still working together. Talks of a joint mixtape project came up. Seeing it as business as usual, they decided to do it. The two best friends recorded the first track for the project and decided to form a duo, instead of a joint mixtape. Naming themselves "THE INTERSTATE KINGZ". The duo is now on the path of making history. With the project in the works, its all eyes on them in the DMV!! Prepare to be invaded by this dynamic duo. D.U.C along with R.T.M.G(Round Table Music Group) supporting the new wave. These two might just be unstoppable!!!DYVERSE BEATZ Dy-Verse President at D.U.C (Dat Urban Connect) CEO OF DyFor Entertainment, Artist/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer, spent a great deal of his younger years in the Baltimore, Maryland area. In 1998, working at Jiffy Lube met Charles Egypt. Bouncing from home to home and being in and out of his parents life Dy-verse moved into a homeless shelter instead of going on the streets and hustling. At that time Charles (nick name Egypt) came up with the group Vicious Thoughts. Where his name at that time was (P.H.A.R.O) meaning, Preparing Higher Achievements Reaching Others, performed at local showcases throughout VA. Being a part of Vicious Thoughts gave Dy-Verse exposure to working with a major labels like (Ruff Ryders) and (Death Row Underground). The group never released an album and separated. In 2003 after taking some time away from the music industry, at the time known as (Komplex) he came up with that name because of his life struggles,decided to come back and try entering the industry as an independent Rap Artist/Producer. He came back refreshed and focused! After only having that name for about 3 months he ran into a friend that broke down the meaning of the word and told him "you know that diversity has complicity in it" so he said to his self "Dy-verse I like that" Reacquainting with Indie Labels such names as Round Tree Entertainment, Target Squad Records, B.M.E. Entertainment and Ajani Records, Dy-Verse reestablished his position as a great producer. Producing for such artist coming up in the game such as Ace Primo (Dark Child Records) In 2010 with a song called Designer Girl and In 2011 produced R.Noble from The Joneses/Drifters in 2011 with a single called "Hey Girl". Signing with Xrecords/Malaco Music Group In 2009 not as an Artist but as a Label Getting a Major Press and Distribution deal. He has also produced for independent companies such as "Target Squad",MidiEast out of Washington,DC,Money Gang Militia out of Virginia,Hard Head Records out of Cali,and Independent/Major artist From XRecords/Malaco Music Group "Fese" out of PA.Dy-verse still continues to make his mark in the music industry as of today... D. Croc D. Croc....VP at D.U.C (Dat Urban Connect) was born in CA, raised in VA. He always loved music and was singing New Edition songs in the mirror with older cousins. He started doing music in 2002 but never planned to do it. Always loved music since he was young but never thought about pursuing it. One day, he was kickin it with the fellaz and started freestyling. Never done it before and everyone was amazed. Ever since then he has been making music non stop. He joined the group, NFL(N****z For Life) in 2003. Since then the name was changed in 2006 due to copyright issues and formed BRUVAHOOD. J. Dredd, Cheelo, Nice 1, J. Diggs and D. Croc. They began making hits and had no outlet. A few years later in 2007...bruVAhood hooked up with DJ Incredible(Next In Line Ent.). The group began doing performances and dropped their first mixtape...the Explicit Truth Vol I. in 2008. A buzz was generated and people were feeling the group. D. Croc was rapping but mostly playing the background by choice, taking care of the business side of things. Croc had to leave the country for 3 months and things just slowed down while he was gone. BRUVAHOOD was still doing their thing but not like before. People had responsibilities they had to take care of. When D. Croc got back to the states, he started pursuing a solo career with DyFor Ent. DyFor gave Croc a strong following and support, making him the artist he is today. After a length of time with DyFor Ent, D. Croc has a new home with D.U.C(Dat Urban Connect) and distribution with I Believe Media Group(IBMG). The rest is history in the making. D. Croc's love for the music has never been stronger. Keep an eye open for D. Croc...a problem in the streets and relentless on the beats!!! R.T.M.G/D.U.C/TEAMSAVAGE/BRUVAHOOD

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